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The podcast about the modern scooter lifestyle with a twist of the paranormal over a cool cocktail.  If you like scooters, ghosts, and bars, this may be for you.

Feb 14, 2021

Lots of scooter talk including a fun & candid conversation with Vespa Club of America president Josh Rogers! Learn about the Miami University Motorcycle Ghost along with all those conspiracies that live in liminal areas of our soul.  #Scooter News, #Spooky News, Fun #Stupid facts from #uberfacts This super-sized edition...

Jan 24, 2021

Shared stories of scooter crashes and great bars. #Domio audio helmet communication review, fun facts, scooter news and spooky #reddit #motorcycle #news with the whole scooter crew.  Probably the best scooter podcast ever! New #weeknites #single! Scooter Talk. Bar Reviews. Ghost Stories.

Jan 2, 2021

Scooter Talk. Bar Reviews. Ghost Stories.  Join our final 2020 podcast for some fun facts, scooter & spooky news, and a scary story from Ashley!  Mark talks about the haunted house he had in Knoxville TN. Weird facts about scooters and serial killer as a bonus! #paranormal #divebar #vespa #ghost #scooter

Nov 21, 2020

Bar Reviews. Scooter Talk. Ghost Stories. A full episode dedicated to the San Diego classic bar scene.  Hear about The Aero Club, Tivoli Bar & Grill and The Waterfront Bar & Grill and our time on South Mission Beach at The Pennant Bar and Beachcomber. We also debut the new Weeknites single, "Body Temp...

Oct 31, 2020

A full dedicated conversation about strip mall bars and a great chat with the "Shepard of Bars" Peter Andresjeski of about the current state of Covid-closing bar affairs, Scooter News with Janus Motorcycles, and a bit of Spooky News.  This is too good to pass up, though we would understand if you did!...