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The podcast about the modern scooter lifestyle with a twist of the paranormal over a cool cocktail.  If you like scooters, ghosts, and bars, this may be for you.

Apr 13, 2019

Scooter Talk. Bar Reviews. Ghost Stories. A trip to Tacoma's Engine House #9 with an interview with owner Jeff, followed by a long weekend in Nashville finding haunted bars, bigfoot, and some Lime Scooter riding. Scout and Skip get interviewed by the Grit City Podcast plus rides galore!  Jump on your Vespa, put on your...

Mar 18, 2019

Scooter Talk. Bar Reviews. Ghost Stories. A Scooter News interview with Andrew from Vespa Portland,  a Lyft driver ghost story, a haunted bar, and of course, a lovely visit to the Sandy Hut in PDX. We ride and find stories so you don't have to! #vespa #ghost #paranormal #divebar #scooter #weeknites 

Jan 17, 2019

The Chasing Ghosts. On Scooters. In Bars.  Our modern Vespa crew assembles in-studio after a winter ride to reminisce about past bars, bartenders, places, and memorable moments.  Also, a great look ahead to plans for 2019!  #Scooter & #Spooky News segments continue! #vespa #scooter #bar #divebar #ghost...